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Competition descriptions


This type of race is characterized by the shortest distance: men overcome ten kilometers, women – 7,5 km. During the race a biathlete skis three loops, and two firing ranges. The first firing stage is from the prone position, the second is from standing. If the athlete misses, they must ski a 150-meter penalty loop for each miss immediately after shooting.


As it is obvious from the title, in this type of competition the biathletes pursue each other. The Pursuit Competition is based on the results of the Sprint Competition. The start time of each biathlete depends on the time they finished the Sprint on the previous day. So the gaps between the leader and rest of the athletes correspond with the gaps with them at the end of the Sprint. In this type of competition men overcome a 12,5 km distance, and women – 10 km. There are four firing bouts, first two prone, last two standing. Each miss means a penalty loop of 150 meters.

Mass Start

It is a competition of a simultaneous start of all the competitors, and with four firing bouts. Participation is limited to the top 30 athletes based on the previous competitions. Men ski 15 kilometers, women – 12, km. As in sprint and pursuit, competitors must ski one 150-meter penalty loop for each miss.

Mixed Relay

This type of race is different from the ordinary relay only in that the first two legs are skied by women, and the last two by men. This a new type of biathlon competition. The first Olympic Competition was held in 2014 in Sochi.

Individual Mixed Relay

This one of the most spectacular types of biathlon competition will be held for the first time in European championships. Also known as Supermix, came to the official tournaments from the show-races – World Team Challenge or Champions Race. The concept of the Supermix is that the team of two (one man and one woman) runs several shortened laps and passes the baton to each other after each of them.